Rice bran oil with gamma oryzanol
Do you like delicious and healthy food? Rice bran oil, perfect for frying, is also a source of gamma oryzanol – a natural youth catalytic agent. Rice bran oil is very wholesome as it is, due to its ability to neutralize free radicals which are damaging to human body cells. It contains multitude important substances, but particularly gamma oryzanol is used in Japan for medical purposes. Why gamma oryzanol has been selected by our experts as an ingredient for anti-aging cosmetics? Because it’s rejuvenating effect in four times excel vitamin E effect. Continual using of natural cosmetics with gamma oryzanol normalizes melanin-producing process in the skin so good, that existing spots removes and new ones cease to appear. White Mandarin natural cosmetics will help solve the problem of age-related excess pigmentation or seasonal appearance of freckles on face, and ensure a clean, even-colored skin. Use of rice bran oil is an answer to the question whereby under a high exposure to the sun Japanese and Chinese women manage to maintain beautiful skin color and normal skin pores. As it is known, the rice production is very developed in China and Japan and provides a lot of minor products. Since ancient times, the people of China used oil and extracts of rice bran as a cosmetic, normalizing all the processes in the skin and prolonging youth. Rice bran oil provides for skin reliable protection from exposure to ultraviolet and helps to eliminate the effects of the sun influence. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with gamma oryzanol are a unique opportunity for you to feel yourself in a new way, younger and beautiful.