Aloe vera Gel
Don`t waste your time on pointless worries about the state of your skin and hair! Using really helping cosmetics you will get free time to relax and perhaps discover a lot of new beautiful things in life. Aloe vera gel in the formula of White Mandarin natural cosmetics is a miraculous substance, which successfully treats dandruff and increased hair loss, restoring a normal acid-base balance of the skin. Do you tend to carefully protect and place in cases especially valuable for you items? Why did you do that? Because you want to preserve them. The case for your hair, upon which its health, protection, and appearance depend on, is a keratin. Aloe Vera’s chemical composition is similar to keratin, that`s why it provides natural nourishment for the hair, contributes to its recovery, restores lost elasticity, prevents breakage and split ends. Among a variety of aloe species, only Aloe Vera is medicinal. Its wonder-working leaves contain 75 nutrients and 200 active components, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acid and 12 vitamins – this explains its ability to relieve pain, heal and restore the skin after sunburns, inflammation, and other damages. Use of Aloe Vera gel in formula of White Mandarin cosmetics: ensures the elimination of toxins and chemical waste; has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity; increases the absorption of water- and fat-soluble vitamins; promotes rapid tissue repair due to the normalization of metabolism and pH balance at the cellular level; enhances the cells ability to regenerate after various skin diseases including psoriasis; normalizes the immune system (increases the threshold of sensitivity to allergens).