Parsley Hydrolat
Almost everybody heard of parsley cosmetic properties. You probably know some home remedies for whitening skin with parsley, including washing with a decoction of parsley and rubbing ice from the parsley infusion. If you like the effect of the cosmetic use of parsley, and you want to use it without spending time and effort, Ukrainian brand White Mandarin offers natural Parsley Hydrolat as part of our cosmetics. Note that the effect of parsley greatly enhances in combination with other natural ingredients. Thus, your skin heals, saturating with the C vitamin, calcium salts, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, vitamins PP and B groups, vitamin K, and carotene. Parsley perfectly cares for the skin in the eye area, eliminates puffiness, tightens pores and whitens the skin, clearing it from pigment spots and rosacea.