Keratin Hydrolysate
If you would like to see your hair shining like the sun, you will appreciate the fantastic result of the use of our "Egg shampoo" with keratin hydrolysate. Nowadays keratin is the most fashionable and sought-after remedy for hair, as virtually all hair fixing agents, hair dyes, average shampoos and natural factors (sun, sea water, wind, cold) damages the keratin hair covering. This immediately has a negative impact on the color and shine of the hair, but can also lead to more serious problems. Keratin in the "Egg shampoo" formula TM White Mandarin is absolutely natural substance, you can safely entrust the care of your hair to this mega effective cosmetic. All biologically active substances (essential amino acids, ions of potassium, sodium and magnesium, sulfur, silicic acid and others) contained in the keratin hydrolysate promotes a renewal of damaged hair areas, moisturizes and regenerates hair structure, eliminates scalp inflammation and dandruff. Using the "Egg shampoo" you can enjoy a wonderful appearance of your hair, their strength and rapid growth. You will forget about split ends and breakage, scalp and entire hair length will be perfectly protected.
250 ml
164.0 грн