Soy Protein Hydrolysate
Women beauty and youth are directly connected with the work of her hormonal system. Menopause, when there is a sharp decrease in the level of female sex hormones, results in loss of skin elasticity, an appearance of dryness, wrinkles and age spots, to the aggravation of all the age-related changes. But nature has long prepared a solution for this problem. This answer is soy, which contains special substances — the isoflavones. The use of White Mandarin natural cosmetics with soy protein makes it possible to compensate the lack of estrogen in the body. Isoflavones act on the same receptors in the skin cells as estrogen. As a result, synthesis of collagen normalizes, skin becomes elastic, wrinkles smooth out, and facial contours tighten. Soy protein hydrolysate is an excellent choice if your skin is exhausted and overdried. Soy proteins perfectly moisturize and soften even very dry skin. A well-hydrated skin is an opportunity to preserve the beauty and prolong youth. For faster and more stable results in the formula of White Mandarin cosmetics with soy protein, we added a number of other natural ingredients that enhance the effect of the cosmetics use. White Mandarin cosmetics: your youthfulness is in your hands!