Green Peas Protein Hydrolysate
Do you know what determines the youthfulness of your skin? There are many factors that affect the preservation of a beautiful and toned skin appearance, but the most important of them is the availability of sufficient quantities of collagen. As we age, the collagen is produced less and less, so the skin loses its elasticity and more wrinkles begin to appear. According to the latest French scientists research, due to the bad environment and lack of nutrients and vitamins in food, at about 25 people are already starting to age. It`s very early, isn`t it? It is this exact age modern scientists consider as a threshold when it is necessary to start an anti-aging preventive care and pursue its courses several times a year. At the same time, mature skin already requires constant rejuvenation care. That reliable anti-aging remedy is a natural, effectively acting White Mandarin cosmetics with pea protein hydrolysate. The polypeptide chains of various amino acids, which are part of the proteins, are vital for maintaining metabolic processes and building new cellular structures. Pea protein hydrolysate contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin, responsible for skin elasticity and youthfulness. Peas protein helps to keep the skin hydrated, creating on its surface nutritious, breathable protective film. Give yourself the confidence in your beauty and skin health using White Mandarin natural cosmetics with pea protein hydrolysate!