Glycerides from Olive Oil
If you still think the best shampoos are those that, when applied to the hair, immediately give abundant foam cap, we will have to disappoint you. High foaming indicates the fact that composition of such shampoos includes synthetic surfactants (surface-active agent), which are oil refining products. They desiccate the hair and scalp, leading to the creation of dandruff, an increased loss, and fading of your hair. But is there a safe alternative to synthetic surfactants? Olive oil glyceride in the composition of the foam of the White Mandarin natural cosmetics is an extremely soft natural surface-active agent based on olive oil. Olive oil glycerides is a component that has excellent compatibility with the skin, non-aggressive cleaning effect and leaves a feeling of softness and hydration after rinsing. White Mandarin natural cosmetics foams with a benefit for your health!