Sodium Chloride
Yes, it is common kitchen salt, the same as the one we use with food. As is well known, sodium chloride plays an important role in all biological processes. With a lack of salt in the system the body is not able to maintain water-electrolytic balance, and in severe cases, a person may even die due to dehydration. Sodium chloride ions are involved in the nervous system, helping to deliver nutrients to cells and clear them out from the toxins. In addition, salt is an antiseptic. Sodium chloride is widely used in the cosmetics as an abrasive component in scrubs and exfoliation, and as a thickener of the water phase and a natural preservative in creams, shampoos, shower gels, etc. Sodium chloride, as the active ingredient of cosmetic products, copes well with such tasks: As part of the scrubs salt exfoliates your skin perfectly, cleans dirt and dead skin cells, smoothes it and stimulates regeneration. Dries skin and has mild astringent properties, which is useful in excessive sebaceous excretion. When keratosis follicularis (Darier's disease) helps get rid of skin roughness, remove unsightly "bumps." Enhances skin barrier function due to the strengthening of the surface layer of the epidermis. It reduces inflammation, promotes healing of injuries, and eliminates itching. The amount of salt in the White Mandarin natural cosmetics is strictly limited by its beneficial effects on the skin.