From school days we all know that chlorophyll is a product of photosynthesis, the pigment that colors the leaves of plants in green. However, the strongest of the beneficial properties of this substance is not known to everyone. Chlorophyll has high biological activity, but even in large doses is completely safe for our body, although there is a rare occurrence of individual intolerance to this component. Chlorophyll has versatile effect on the skin and the body: in the first place are its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but no less important are its moisturizing, toning and tightening effects. Just like your nose feels fresh scent of chlorophyll, your skin will feel a surge of new strength after its application. Imagine that all the energy from the Sun and Earth, which has been accumulated in a living plant, may be aimed at helping you solve skin problems or to make healthy skin even more magnificent. Gentle and, at the same time, powerful chlorophyll substance renews the skin, makes it fresh and attractive, and significantly slows the aging processes. Choosing White Mandarin natural cosmetics with environmentally friendly chlorophyll you choose a beautiful skin and a beautiful appearance that you deserve!