Coenzyme Q10
Information for sun lovers: staying at the sun contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and the skin is exposed to the process of photo-aging. There is a substance that protects skin from photo-aging, which is coenzyme Q10 produced by our bodies, but its amount is reduced by UV exposure. Scientists have found that coenzyme Q10 is an exact substance that is responsible for the youth of the body. However, with age or, as mentioned above, by solar radiation, it begins to be produced fewer and fewer amounts. Many types of food contribute to the synthesis of this substance in the body - fish, cereals (sprouted grains, in particular), nuts and eggs. Our experts have selected Coenzyme Q10 as an active ingredient for White Mandarin anti-aging cosmetics. This component helps the production of collagen, making the skin supple and elastic, smoothes wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10 in combination with other natural ingredients in White Mandarin cosmetic formulas has good penetrating power and gives excellent results: a delightful youthful elasticity, effective skin rejuvenation, and renewal.
250 ml
167.0 грн