Coffee Arabica
Coffee Arabica is a natural remedy that will make your skin soft, silky, elastic — the one you have probably always dreamed of. With regular use of White Mandarin cosmetics with Arabica coffee the problem of cellulite, which in our time is a concern of almost all women, will gradually go to the past. The coffee bean composition includes natural oil, caffeine, 8 vitamins B, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, chlorine and organic amino acids (caffeic, citric, chlorogenic, acetic, and quinic acids). The content of useful substances depends on the type of coffee and its processing method. Elite, the most valuable and most expensive variety is the Arabica coffee. Coffee oil activates the metabolism, regulates fat and moisture balance, soothes and protects the top layer of the epidermis. It increases the elasticity of the skin, moisturizing and smoothing it. It has a powerful antioxidant effect, delays aging processes. Particles of ground coffee work great in scrubs as an exfoliating and massaging component. Coffee extract is included into the medioprophylactic remedies, such as anti-cellulite lotions. The caffeine in them has drainage properties, improves blood flow to the cells, nourishes and refreshes them. It provides a soft "energy boost" to natural processes of self-regulation of the skin, effectively combats signs of fatigue and gives the skin freshness and radiance. In the composition of cosmetic products Caffeine enhances lipolysis, providing a corrective effect on adipose tissue, helping to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. Preparations containing coffee provide natural protection from ultraviolet radiation, so caffeine is a popular component of sunscreen cosmetics. It perfectly protects from burns and gently cares for skin after sunbathing. In addition, it is often included in the cosmetics for hair and nails care, because it nourishes, strengthens and regenerates them. Natural honey, cinnamon and coffee Arabica in White Mandarin cosmetics is a great fat burning and toning trio, due to which you will have the skin of your dreams.