Blend of Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Vetiver & Sage Ambroxan Essential Oils
Ambroksan is a natural ingredient with an exotically mysterious name. We are going to open you a secret: ambroksan made from sage, or rather of a substance that it contains, sclareol. Sclareol fixes flavors. By itself, ambroksan smells of wood, sage, shabby paper, and musk. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil Ylang-ylang — the name of this flower ("flower of flowers" in translation) attracts by its mystery and beauty. And you will be absolutely right if you assume that this amazing flower can work wonders in improving the skin of any type. And its unique tropical scent will cheer up and take your imagination to faraway exotic countries. Ylang-ylang is an amazing cosmetic. The experts of White Mandarin chose it for use in our cosmetics because of the effective health-improving effects it has on the skin of any type. It seems that this smart oil is able to decide how exactly it needs to help your skin to make it beautiful. White Mandarin cosmetics with natural ylang-ylang oil will become your reliable assistant in the rejuvenation of the skin and get rid of any skin imperfections! It is easy for White Mandarin cosmetics with ylang-ylang oil to return the beauty of your skin, normalize oily skin sebum secretion, make dry skin elastic and brighten up, relieve from rashes, irritation inflammation, and the unpleasant effects of UV exposure, give the skin a wonderful smoothness and silkiness. White Mandarin cosmetic with ylang-ylang will improve blood circulation and the color of your skin, give it a natural glow. Being beautiful is easy with the help of White Mandarin natural cosmetics! Patchouli Essential Oil Your skin is tired and urgently needs magical revival? Be aware — there are miracles! Patchouli oil is one of such real miracles. If you choose White Mandarin natural cosmetics, containing the essential oil of patchouli, you'll be surprised by how pleasing for your skin and how effective this care will be. We will explain patchouli oil operating principle, for you to be aware of the origin of its effect. Patchouli has a rich set of microelements and minerals, unique to this plant. Due to the substances contained in it, patchouli oil is able to give a second life to your skin: smooth out wrinkles, eliminate inflammation, narrow the enlarged pores, improve and revive color, restore skin firmness, and elasticity. Vetiver Essential Oil As you already know, the youth of your skin depends on its ability to produce collagen in sufficient quantity. Indian vetiver oil is able to increase metabolism in your skin and help it begin to produce all the substances necessary for youth and beauty. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with vetiver essential oil fix tan and remove the negative effects of UV exposure, as vetiver oil stimulates the synthesis of melanin, thus not allowing it to be deposited in the skin at the individual areas, creating dark spots. In addition to this, the skin will be smoothed, will begin an active removal of toxins, pores will be diminished; the skin will get a pleasant smoothness and a healthy color. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with vetiver oil are highly effective and indispensable for all who wish to rejuvenate their skin and keep it healthy and attractive!
250 ml
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120 ml
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