Feel like a queen, using the White Mandarin natural cosmetics with lavender extract. Medicinal properties and unique aroma of lavender made English queens Victoria and Elizabeth I faithful admirers of it. There is evidence that lavender was used by beauties of ancient Rome. Apparently, they had the same goal, that of modern women: effectively clean and disinfect the skin, eliminate the irritation and peeling, prevent sticking and dull look of hair, to cope with dandruff and rejuvenate the skin. In cosmetology, this plant is used both independently and for the cosmetics enrichment. Lavender works in complex: Heals micro cracks and skin damage; Eliminates the scars; Tones and soothes the skin; Eliminates acne; Normalizes sebaceous glands functioning; Softens and nourishes the skin; Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect; Has a drying effect; Eliminates oily sheen and makes skin matte; Prevents clogged pores; Improves blood circulation; Eliminates dandruff; Strengthens brittle and damaged hair. Enjoy a subtle delicious aroma and guaranteed result of the application, effectively clearing your skin and hair and getting rid of annoying problems, improving your skin and hair health and beauty. In addition, you get peace of mind and freshness, good sleep and neutralization of the biological effects of stress — such properties has a lavender scent.