Lecithin is a waxy hygroscopic substance, a hydrophilic colloid, a mixture of compounds containing various remnants of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It refers to phospholipids, which are a part of biological membranes and hydrolipidic mantle of the skin. Hydrogenated lecithin is derived from soy protein, a mixture of 65% natural phospholipids, 30-35% soybean oil, a minor amount of glycerol, ethanolamine, galactose, vitamins of group B, biotin, choline. In White Mandarin cosmetics natural lecithin is used as a supplement and as an emulsifier. As an active additive lecithin has a softening, toning and moisturizing effect, it helps to restore skin barrier function and prevents the evaporation of moisture from deeper layers. It activates lipid metabolism in the skin, softens the skin, and improves the function of sebaceous glands. It is especially effective in combination with vitamins A, D, F, B1, B6, PP. Due to pronounced surface-active properties of lecithin, it promotes deeper penetration of fat and biologically active substance into the epidermis. Lecithin reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, improves the structure and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Lecithin, being an antioxidant, protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals.