Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is not for nothing called the "beauty oil". Avocado surpasses even olives on the content of the youth vitamin E. Avocado tree belongs to the family of laurel; the fruit is green, pear-shaped. In fact, avocados are berries, but traditionally they are called fruits. From ancient times women of Mexican tribes used the alligator pear butter for skin rejuvenation and hair care. Avocado oil is a fount of nutrients. It consists of carbohydrates and proteins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B2, B3, A, B1, E, F, D, lecithin, amino acids and a variety of minerals. The content of vitamin F in avocado oil is 3 times higher than in the fish oil. Avocado Oil moisturizes and softens the skin, fully saturating it with essential nutrients. It also helps to improve blood circulation in the skin, enriching the tissues with oxygen. Avocado oil is unique because its fat composition is at most similar to human skin fats. This means that all the nutrients contained in the oil in the maximum number penetrate to where they are needed. Due to the deep penetration avocado oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are directly responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Also contained in the oil sterols (vegetable substances with properties similar to sex hormones) help to prevent premature skin aging, a formation of deep wrinkles and appearance of age spots. Dry, sensitive, oily or normal skin — it does not matter, avocado oil is equally beneficial for all skin types. It can be used for moisturizing, nutrition and regeneration of damaged skin cells, but also to eliminate the irritations and rashes, acne, fine wrinkles, dryness, and flaking. Avocado oil nourishes and restores damaged brittle hair, and it is a wonderful remedy for hair strengthening and growth. In addition, avocado oil has a unique sunscreen effect that protects hair from UVA and UVB radiation.