Barado Oil
Perhaps the name "borage" makes you think of beet. But in fact, common borago (borage) is a tender juicy stalk with juicy leaves covered with stiff fuzz, just like a cucumber. The plant blooms with blue, looking like a star, flower, covered with white fluff, and bears fruit in the form of small nuts. Borage is known since ancient times for its strong revitalizing effect on the skin of any type and any age. Just imagine this plant helps even with such a serious skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis! Borage walnut oil perfectly moisturizes and softens even very dry rough skin. It normalizes oily and combined skin. Borage oil in a record number of 24% contains gamma-linolenic acid, and it is because of this we have chosen borage oil as an active ingredient of natural White Mandarin cosmetics since it will help you get healthy and flawless skin!