Buriti Oil
Buriti oil is obtained by cold pressing the fruit pulp of the palm Mauritia Vinifera without further purification. The resulting oil has a light herbal scent, has a bright yellow-orange color, indicative of a high content of beta-carotenoids — antioxidants that can give your skin a supply of youth and vitality. Buriti oil is especially good for sensitive skin; it soothes, nourishes and regenerates, helps with dehydration, and is recommended for dull complexion, flabby and tired skin. Repairs damaged hair, gives them strength and shine, prevents dehydration. It recommended for colored and lifeless hair. Buriti oil prevents aging and improves skin elasticity, can be used on their own for protection from sun exposure, as well as be used as part of other cosmetic products for the treatment and healing of sunburns. Buriti oil will also have a therapeutic effect on your skin, contributing to a more rapid elimination of toxins (active lymphatic drainage), the skin will be cleaned, softened and acquire a magnificent radiant appearance. It removes redness and is recommended as a supplement for eczema and psoriasis treatment. Buriti oil contains essential fatty acids to help maintain a sustained and quality moisturizing of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and counteracting the aging process. As a result, the skin will become much more elastic, will rejuvenate and get a lifting effect. In White Mandarin anti-aging cosmetics formula Buriti oil effect is intensified by the presence of other natural ingredients.