Pictachio Oil
Pistachio oil is an excellent natural moisturizer and softener for the skin, which is why it is widely used in the various cosmetic products for both adults and children. Since the production of oil from the pistachio is not complicated or costly, the cost of it is low, but the benefits for the skin — huge! Pistachio oil has not any specific smell, resistant to sunlight; it is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, without causing clogging of the pores and the appearance of acne. Benefits of pistachio oil: Contains a large amount of unsaturated oleic acid (omega-9), which well retains moisture in the skin and can quickly restore the protective function of the epidermis. Effectively softens even the driest, scaly skin and restores dry and damaged hair, without causing excessive oiliness of the scalp. Contains a large amount of unsaturated linoleic acid (omega-6), which creates a breathable film on the surface of the skin or hair to retain moisture and protect them from the negative impact of external factors. Phyto-sterols, which are part of the pistachio oil, stimulate regeneration processes and quickly restore elasticity. Stimulate the production of collagen, heal micro-damages and have anti-inflammatory effects, are good for sensitive skin. The oil can be used in infant cosmetics because it does not cause irritation and allergic reactions. The average content of vitamin E in the pistachio oil — 19 mg / 100 grams, which is quite high. It is known that vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant, which protects the cells from damage by free radicals. The oil is very well suited for use in sunscreen cosmetics. In the White Mandarin natural cosmetics we use pistachio oil, produced by technology that allows you to save the maximum amount of nutrients in it. All - for the sake of your beauty!