Mustard Seed Oil
Do you remember the "braid to the waist" of folk tales? Maybe you think that growing long, beautiful, thick hair is an impossible task for modern women? Believe me, we need only have the desire and to treat hair. You might be confused by something from the following list: hair loss, hair in all endeavors do not grow in length and does not thicken, dandruff in the hair, hair damaged by permanent wave or hot irons, they are weak, brittle, oily or dry, whipped ends. In this case, we can offer you White Mandarin cosmetics for hair care with high-quality mustard oil, which helps solve all the above problems. Due to the high content of favorably affecting the hormones phytosterols, "youth vitamins" E and A, polyunsaturated fatty acids, bactericides (chlorophyll, volatile), activating skin circulation glycoside sinegrina, mustard oil has been for many years successfully used in cosmetology as skin and hair care product. Mustard oil is quickly and deeply absorbed into the scalp, promoting active feeding and mitigation, cleaning and moisturizing the skin. This is a great strengthening and revitalizing remedy for hair (regular application of mustard oil by rubbing into the scalp helps prevent hair loss and premature graying). White Mandarin hair care with mustard seed oil in combination with other natural components: Strengthen the blood circulation in the scalp; Hair will be strong and shiny; Stop hair falls out; Normalizes oiliness of the scalp; Hair will start to grow rapidly; The ends of your hair will no longer split.