Cacao Butter
How often lovely country people look, completely without makeup or particular effort – but how do they do it? The answer is obvious: when you live in a clean environment, it is easier to keep healthy and fresh appearance. What can do those who breathe polluted city air and cannot afford to live differently? Especially for citizens of metropolises creators of White Mandarin cosmetics have developed a nutritional agent for skin and hair with high-quality cocoa butter. The main components are cocoa butter triglycerides and fatty acids. The base portions of fatty acids are oleic acid (about 43%) and stearic acid (34%), lauric and palmitic acid make up to 25%. The oil has a distinct smell of cocoa; the color varies from pale yellow to brown. Creams with cocoa butter perfectly protect your skin from toxins, soften and revitalize it. Cocoa butter effectively fights with small and more serious skin problems such as irritation, dryness, fine lines, acne marks and others. Also, it gives a reliable protection from the sun, frost, and wind. Your skin will be smooth, soft, hydrated and gradually acquires its natural beauty. White Mandarin hair products with cocoa butter will revive your hair — it will become strong, shiny and will delight you with its healthy and beautiful appearance.