Arabica Seed Oil
Despite the common misconception that coffee is just delicious tonic and to a certain extent a harmful beverage, since ancient times there is a practice of using Arabica oil in cosmetic and general health-improving purposes. The chemical composition of the Arabica oil has more than two thousand different elements, which determines its unique cosmetic effect and intense interest to it of leading cosmetologists of the world. According to the content of linoleic acid, Arabica oil is second only to wheat germ oil. It is known that linoleic acid is not synthesized in the human body, so is considered indispensable. It participates in the formation of the lipid barrier of the epidermis, provides firmness and elasticity of the skin, thereby preventing premature aging. The creators of White Mandarin natural cosmetics designed excellent products for hair and body with Arabica coffee oil that have the following properties: Tightening the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity, preventing the appearance of stretch marks; Strengthening of the skin, hair, and nails; Removing excess fluid from the tissues, fat burning, and anti-cellulite effect; Care for very sensitive, damaged skin; Effective moisturizing for skin and hair; Improving hair growth, elimination of their fragility and dimness. White Mandarin natural cosmetics with Arabica coffee oil have an effect aimed at slowing down the aging process and contribute to the effective cleaning of your body, which is important for getting real healthy beauty.