Lemon Seed Oil
Lemon oil extracted from its seeds has been used in aromatherapy, perfumery and cosmetics for a long time. The uniqueness of lemon oil is its ability to neutralize elastase — a special enzyme that begins to be actively produced in the mature skin and that is responsible for the destruction of elastin and collagen fibers. Thus, the use of cosmetics with lemon oil prevents the loss of skin elasticity and firmness and allows it to stay for longer young and tightened. However, a list of useful properties of lemon oil is much wider, so it is suitable not only for manufacturing cosmetics for mature skin but also to care for young problem skin, to add to the whitening creams and masks, in anti-cellulite products, shampoos, and masks for oily hair. Cosmetic properties of lemon seed oil: It has regenerating and immune-stimulatory effects. Effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Improves skin tone and elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Prevents the destruction of collagen in the mature skin. Regulates the sebaceous glands, tightens skin pores. Gives an antibacterial effect and eliminates irritation. Improves the microcirculation and blood circulation, helps to combat cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage and enhancing metabolism in the subcutaneous layers. Our experts have developed White Mandarin natural cosmetics with high-quality lemon oil for the skin of different types and different age categories. The high concentration of active ingredients helps to quickly achieve results and 100% naturalness of all components ensures the safety of our cosmetics. White Mandarin — power of nature in every bottle!