Mona de Tahiti Oil
Your day is over, you're tired and you want something beautiful, juicy, bright, pleasant and useful? Immerse yourself in the ocean of enchanting scents of White Mandarin cosmetics, containing 100% natural Mona de Tahiti oil! This exotic oil is produced by enfleurage: young unopened Tahitian gardenia buds are harvested by hand and then soaked in coconut oil for 15 days. During the time the flowers have time to give the oil all the nutrients and their delicious scent. In the Polynesian islands gardenia flowers are considered sacred; it has been long used for decoration, for various ceremonies, and for medicinal purposes. The unique climatic conditions of Tahitian gardenia growth led to the presence in the flowers of this plant of a great number of useful for human health substances; as the result, the oil extracted from these flowers is considered especially valuable and useful. In particular, Mona de Tahiti oil contains vitamins A, C, and E, saturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants. Oil also contains hyaluronic acid known as an effective natural moisturizer. Due to its beneficial properties of Mona de Tahiti oil is used for skin rehydration after showering or bathing, as well as to protect the skin from aggressive UV exposure, the wind and dissolved in water salts. Also, this oil is used for hair restoration and conditioning, for a beautiful even tanning, and for soothing skin after depilation. With regular use of White Mandarin cosmetics with Mona de Tahiti oil, your hair will become dazzlingly luxuriant, and the skin will fill with moisture and get nutrition.
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