Olive Oil
Do you know what kind of oil called "liquid gold"? A small hint: in ancient times along with coconut oil it was used by Cleopatra. It has amazing properties to promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin cells, and therefore wrinkles are gradually smoothing out. It contains vitamins E, A, B, D, K and monounsaturated fatty acids. It is perfectly absorbed by the skin and capable of keeping it moisturized for a long time, without hindering the skin breath. It was chosen by experts of White Mandarin natural cosmetics to help you solve the skin and hair problems, placing it together with other natural components, and thus increasing its useful properties. As you probably already guessed, we are talking about olive oil. White Mandarin brand offers you cosmetics with an addition of only the highest quality 100% natural Extra Virgin olive oil, which will help your skin and hair to be healthy, nourish with moisture and prolong their youth. White Mandarin cosmetics with olive oil for skin and hair are suitable even for owners of very sensitive, allergy-prone skin and for any hair types.