Rice Bran Oil
Constant tiredness affects our health and beauty — of course, you know that. How to revitalize your skin and hair, stop the aging process, and love your reflection in the mirror? You can afford such necessary and pleasant luxury as a quality care for your skin and hair with natural cosmetics with rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is most popular in Asia, where it is widely used in cooking, medicine, and cosmetics. Since ancient time rice was such an integral part of civilization and culture for Japan and China; it can be said as well of oil, extracted from the shell of brown rice by a cold pressing method. Among the fatty acids in the composition of rice bran oil about 50% is oleic acid, in a significant number contains vitamins A, E, PP, F and B. High regenerative properties of this oil are due to gamma-oryzanol — a potent antioxidant, from which unsaponifiable oil fraction consists. Cosmetic properties of rice bran oil are: It is ideal for use in massage, as it provides good hands glide, softens the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marks, has anti-cellulite and fat burning properties. Stimulates the growth of thin and damaged hair, strengthens roots, stop hair loss. Well reduces inflammation, helps in the treatment of eczema, burns, wounds, cracks, dermatitis, and reliably eliminates peeling. Prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation and seasonal freckles, it also can be used as a sunscreen. Suitable for the care of delicate baby skin. Is added to the creams for oily, dry, aging skin, and to the cosmetics for the care of the skin around the eyes and lips. White Mandarin natural cosmetics, containing 100% natural rice bran oil, will give you surprisingly pleasant sensations and joy from that you finally managed to solve the skin and hair problems. You will feel that being naturally beautiful is easy!
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