Sesame Oil
Who would not want to try the super healthy cocktail of micro- and macro elements that can do wonders for your skin and hair? White Mandarin cosmetics with 100% natural sesame oil contains vitamins A and E (antioxidant), lecithin (a natural emollient and skin moisturizer), protein (gives the skin firmness and elasticity), zinc, calcium, magnesium (anti-stressing, calming element), polyunsaturated fatty acids, sesamol (UV protector) and others. After reading this information, you begin to understand why White Mandarin cosmetics for skin and hair with sesame oil can powerfully moisturize the skin of any type, which is particularly important for aging, flabby and saggy skin. Sesame oil can help: Effectively cleanse the skin and keep it young; Remove the flaking and irritation; Nourish and smooth the skin; Protect your skin from UV rays; Give the hair softness and shine and keep them from drying; Protect the hair from the effects of sea water, the sun, and others. Restore even badly damaged permed or colored hair. Because of these properties White Mandarin natural cosmetics with sesame oil, supplemented with other natural ingredients, guaranteed to successfully cope with the task of restoring natural health and beauty of skin and hair.
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