Shea Butter
Perhaps you pay attention to how beautiful, resilient, elastic and healthy African people skin is. Want to know why? The use of shea butter, which is home to Africa, gives the skin youthfulness, hydration, elasticity, firmness and increases its immunity. In addition, shea butter protects the skin from harmful UV rays, nourishes and restores the hair from root to tip. As you may know from your own experience, any oil is difficult to self-use: without special knowledge, it is difficult to determine the quality of the oil, the amount needed for the skin and the correct method of application. Mistakes in these areas can give a negative result, the opposite of what you expect. White Mandarin cosmetics experts eased this task for you: 100% natural shea butter is put together with other useful natural ingredients that enhance and complement its effect, which guarantees reliable results without adverse effects. Applying natural cosmetics TM White Mandarin with shea butter, you will fill your hair with vitality; they will become shiny and hydrated, even if you subjected them to such a severe test as perming or coloring. Your skin will be tightened, smoothed, sated with moisture and become pleasant to the touch; even the roughest or flaky skin will be softened. In addition, you will get protection from toxins, ultraviolet radiation, the sea water, and the wind.