Tamanu Seed Oil
You want to clean the skin, or maybe want to rejuvenate it as much as if you were born anew? This is not an easy task. But it was this dream that helped White Mandarin experts to create natural cosmetics for the skin and hair care using Tamanu oil. The White Mandarin cosmetics used this gift of the Pacific and Indian oceans — 100% natural Tamanu oil that can give you the guarantee of high quality and effectiveness. White Mandarin cosmetics with Tamanu oil contain calophyllique acid and its derivatives, which provide for oils a deeper penetration into skin; at the same time it gives hydration and nutrition for the skin, renewal of its cells, fades acne and excessive oiliness or dryness, normalizes sebaceous secretion. White Mandarin cosmetics with Tamanu oil is not a magic wand, but a storehouse of much-needed items for your beauty. That is why it only depends on you how long your result will last and how you will make it stay. White Mandarin cosmetics with Tamanu oil and additional natural ingredients, step by step solve skin and hair problems while protecting them from the wind, the sun, and other environmental factors. At the same time, it gives a deep cleaning of the skin of toxins and chemicals. As more the skin will clean, the most evident effect of the use of White Mandarin natural cosmetics with Tamanu oil will appear: Your hair will be moisturized and protected. The skin will be clear of acne, itching, irritation. Minor damages of the skin will heal faster. Even the most sensitive skin will be improved, while the risk of allergenic reaction is virtually zero. Small wrinkles will be smoothed, the appearance of new wrinkles will stop — your skin will begin renovation at the cellular level and rejuvenate.