Lactic Acid
Lactic acid of a natural origin perfectly and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. It acts very gently, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. By removing the top layer of skin, lactic acid contributes to its rejuvenation and accelerated renewal. Good news for those in a hurry to get rid of blackheads: White Mandarin cosmetics with lactic acid prevent the formation of comedones; make the skin smooth and even so that the ducts of the sebaceous glands do not clog. Lactic acid helps in time remove dead skin flakes from ducts, preventing their inflammation. The traces and scars of acne on problematic oily skin gradually dissolve with the use of cosmetics with natural lactic acid. Withering skin is characterized by the fact that its update cycle is slowed down to 45 days or more. With the use of cosmetics with lactic acid, skin cells refresh cycle is reduced to about 27 days, which is close to normal. Thus, complexion improves and the skin renews more quickly, beginning to look very fresh. And that's not all the benefits of lactic acid. The acid creates a hydrophilic film on the surface of the skin, under which the moisture is evenly distributes, reaching the deep layers of the epidermis. Proper moisture saturation of the skin is necessary for its beautiful appearance and health. Also lactic acid helps to whiten the skin and block the action of many pathogenic germs. All of these remarkable properties of lactic acid have been used by our experts to create White Mandarin natural remedies for eye contour and lips care, anti-aging cosmetics, and moisturizing phyto spray.