Incense Extract
To find out how expensive was incense in ancient times is enough to remember that gold, frankincense, and myrrh were brought to the newborn Jesus as gifts. What made the people in ancient times appreciate so much this aromatic tree resin, obtained from certain trees growing in the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa? The answer is simple: frankincense is not only used as incense burned in temples but also an effective cure for many ailments. In ancient times, it was used primarily for the sake of its restoring and wound-healing properties. Now it is proved that incesol acetate that is contained in incense is a powerful antidepressant. Due to its properties incense solves the problem of the skin and hair health. How can you get frankincense, and how to apply it to restore health and beauty? You do not need to think about it because the creators of White Mandarin natural cosmetics already done it for you in our remedies with the high-quality natural incense, which is able to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, smooth out fine wrinkles, normalize sebaceous secretion and treat skin problems. You can also enjoy the smell of incense and a great effect of its use, taking care of your hair with the help of White Mandarin cosmetics with incense tincture. You will enjoy the result: hair loss will stop, dandruff will be gone, and the hair will grow better.
200 ml
229.0 грн