Rosemary Extract
Rosemary is an evergreen shrub, widespread on the Mediterranean coast. During flowering bushes profusely cover with small blue flowers, perhaps, is why this plant gets its name — "sea dew", translated from the Latin. Rosemary is used since ancient times in Mediterranean cuisine, as well as in folk medicine as a tonic, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory agent. In the Middle Ages, rosemary was introduced to Europe, where it began to be used as an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual desire. We can recall Shakespeare's Ophelia giving Hamlet a branch of rosemary as a memento. Rosemary did not avoid modern cosmetologists attention: the essential oil and tincture of rosemary are used in creams for skin care (especially good for oily skin), in shampoos and anti-cellulite products. The effect of rosemary tincture for skin: Smooths and tightens the skin, eliminates fine the wrinkles. Tones and improves blood circulation in the epidermis. Nicely eliminates puffiness, deriving the excess water from tissues. Improves the complexion, lightens pigment spots. Helps resorption of scars left behind by acne. Acts as an antiseptic and astringent, it reduces the open pores and prevents a formation of blackheads. The effect of rosemary on hair: Tones and stimulates the regeneration of the scalp. Improves hair growth, and stops hair loss. Regulates the sebaceous glands function, eliminates dandruff. White Mandarin shower gel with rosemary tincture will make stretch marks less noticeable; due to lymphatic drainage effect it will eliminate the swelling and help you fight cellulite.