Vanilla Extract
The smell, which we all know and love from childhood: vanilla ice cream, vanilla cream and curds, vanilla wafers and a whole lot of the other different delicacies with the scent of vanilla. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish synthetic vanilla powder, which is sold in a packet in pure form or in admixture with sugar, and spicy tropical liana plant, which pods after collection and special processing are transformed into vanilla sticks. Currently, vanillin is used 99 times out of 100, while natural vanilla is not easy to buy — it is a rare and expensive product. But in addition to its delicious flavor that is used in cooking, vanilla has a number of unique properties that can be very effectively used in cosmetology. Vanilla contain 150 studied substances, among which there are valuable alcohols, organic acids (isobutyric, anisic acid, acetic acid), eugenol, coumarin, phenols and phenol ethers, carboxylic compounds, and others. The multicomponent structure determines the high biological activity of various cosmetic ingredients obtained from vanilla — vanilla essential oils, extracts, and tinctures. Vanilla tincture, which is a part of the White Mandarin natural cosmetics, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, relieves irritation of the skin, helping it to become soft and elastic. The skin of any type responds very well to this component. White Mandarin cosmetics with the addition of vanilla tincture: Even out skin tone, eliminate unwanted pigmentation. Soothe the skin, remove redness and inflammation. Hydrate and softens, improve skin tone. Protect against the negative effects of the environment. It’s delicate and rich scent will give you a joyful south mood even in the midst of most severe winter!