Natural Beeswax
Imagine that an entire army of honeybees — the most industrious creatures in the world — worked hard for you. Collected bit by bit, cleared of honey and other impurities, beeswax is ready for use for cosmetic purposes. Natural beeswax is a leader on the content of vitamins A, C, and carotenoids, no pharmacy vitamins cannot be compared with it! Even in carrots, there is less vitamin B and beta-carotene than beeswax. What will happen with the skin as a result of an application of "Protective Baby Cream" with beeswax? The skin of your baby will be protected thin breathable film, well moisturized and provided with rich nutrition. In addition, the cream protects the baby’s skin from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria! Walking next to mommy, not only dressed for the weather, but also with the protected face, when you can not be afraid that the cold, wind or sun will bite the nose and cheeks, every child will grow faster, be more tempered and healthy — isn`t it the desire of all loving parents? Even after long walks skin of your baby will be healthy and soft, no allergies, inflammation or peeling!