Grape Polyphenol
Can you count on one hand how many times have you endangered your skin by using synthetic substances, which gradually accumulate in the skin and provoke dryness, diseases, and aging? Maybe it is time to go from chemistry to natural cosmetics, which will help you fight the aftereffects, gradually restoring health, youth, and beauty. Grapes polyphenols is a brilliant solution to the problem of free radicals formation in the skin due to a slagging and unbalanced metabolism. Clean, radiant skin is a dream of everyone, and grape polyphenols can make this dream a reality. A surprising effect of this component is due to its composition: it contains many flavonoids and phenols such as caffeic acid, quercetin, p-coumaric acid, kaempferol, cinnamic acid, vitamins (P, B2, B1, B12) and minerals (copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium), and others. The use of grape polyphenols revolutionized the development of anti-aging and rejuvenating cosmetics since grape polyphenols are one of the strongest antioxidants. This substance enhances the barrier function of the skin, improves local immunity, reduces inflammation, and maintains good skin hydration; beneficial effects also have phytoestrogens, rejuvenating the skin and contributing to the formation of collagen and elastin. In White Mandarin natural cosmetics are used high-quality grapes polyphenols, clean and efficient, which helps to attain perfectly healthy and beautiful skin.
200 ml
200.0 грн