Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
In its natural form, a Glutamic acid found in many foods, such as meat, milk, corn, fish. The White Mandarin natural cosmetics use sodium cocoyl glutamate as surfactants — herbal substance derived from coconut oil and glutamic acid. Properties of Sodium Ccocoyl Glutamate used in White Mandarin cosmetics: Antioxidant — Sodium cocoyl glutamate slows the oxidation of the lipids of the skin and maintains its protective function. Softening — preserves the integrity of the lipid layer of the skin, it maintains a normal pH level, gives the skin a softness and silkiness, reduces hypersensitivity. Cleansing — by emulsifying properties of sodium cocoyl glutamate gently cleanses the skin of dirt and excess sebum, has the mild antibacterial properties. Moisturizing — makes the skin surface smooth hygroscopic film that prevents the evaporation of moisture, and prevents drying of the skin due to the content of glutamic acid. Sodium cocoyl glutamate peculiarity is that the hydrocarbon chain of the substance has a specific discontinuous structure, so it does not contact skin keratins and completely and easily washes off from skin. This sodium cocoyl glutamate property explains the softness of its impact and the absolute absence of irritant properties, which is very important for people with allergies. In addition to softness, sodium cocoyl glutamate has a physiological pH is close to 6, stable foams in hard water have the mild antibacterial properties that allow minimizing the number of preservatives in the cosmetics. Because glutamic acid is a part of the human keratin as a moisturizing factor, so that sodium cocoyl glutamate in the cosmetic composition is able to enhance skin hydration.