Silk Proteins
If you have ever held in the hands a real silk, then you had surely liked touching again and again its smooth surface — it`s, indeed, a very pleasant feeling. Can you imagine what your skin and hair would be, if they receive at least part of this delightful smoothness? Using White Mandarin natural cosmetics with silk proteins, you will be able to achieve such effect. How can silk be absorbed by your skin and hair? Silk proteins are hydrolyzed silk powder from silkworm cocoons. Silk almost on 100% consists of fibrous protein and contains valuable amino acids. Saturated with peptides, glycine, alanine and serine, silk is able to give softness and silkiness of your skin. Structural silk protein fibroin is a rich source of glycine; it has a truly miraculous effect on the skin and hair. The silk proteins and amino acids stimulate regeneration and renewal of tissues, effectively smooth the skin, and endow it with an inner radiance. Silk is able to penetrate deep into the hair structure, restoring it from the inside. In addition, silk components form on each hair invisible protective film, giving the hair a special shimmering luster and greatly increasing their volume. White Mandarin cosmetics for hair with silk proteins give your hair softness, moisten them, give shine, and initiate the process of hair restoration over the entire length.