Natural Moisturizer
Emulsifier from a raw vegetable material, phospholipid complex, which forms lipid barrier, containing liposomes — bubbles, spontaneously formed in mixtures, hollow inside and identical to a living cell membrane on the outside. Liposomes are formed from a natural phospholipid egg yolk lecithin that putted into the plant humidifier. These microbubbles can penetrate deeply into the extracellular space, and give the cells of the epidermis its useful content. By itself, this humidifier based on vegetable lecithin and grapeseed oil is completely non-toxic and does not cause any adverse reactions. Modern cosmetic production technologies allow filling liquid liposomes with moisture and biologically active substances that help restore the health of the skin, and retain their youth and beauty. Depending on the purpose, to enhance the efficiency in the formula are introduced additives of various biologically active substances such as vitamins, antibiotics, organic acids or extracts. The first use of liposomes in scientific research has been associated with the use of liposomes as a "vehicle" for the delivery of therapeutic agents to living tissue. The ability of the liposomes to include a variety of substances practically, without limitation on their chemical nature, molecular size, and properties, gives the possibility for truly unique solutions of cosmetic problems. Through the use of this wonderful emulsifier, our specialists managed to create a number of highly effective "Anti-aging" cosmetics TM White Mandarin: peptide creams for active regeneration, creams with a pronounced lifting effect, and others.