Rose Flower Water
You can swim in the gentle aroma of White Mandarin natural cosmetic with rose water from the famous damask rose. Rose damask is a perennial shrub of the wild rose genus. It is native to the Middle East, but over time it had acclimated and spread in Europe. Rose water is produced by water distillation of essential oil rose flower petals. This is a wonderful refreshing agent, which is suitable for cleaning the skin of any type. It tones up, moisturizes and soothes the irritated or sensitive skin. It has the aromatic and refreshing effect. Regular use of rose water will help keep your skin young and beautiful. Applying White Mandarin cosmetics with rose water, you not only get pleasure from the exciting aroma of rose, but also enjoy the excellent results: Your skin will calm down; Skin blood circulation will intensifies and, therefore, your complexion will be improved; Oval face will be tightened: Fine wrinkles will be gradually smoothed; Micro-injuries will heal up. The White Mandarin natural cosmetic uses only 100% natural high quality rose water, which has the most beneficial impact on your skin and your mood.