Have you ever heard of squalane? Perhaps you've noticed the mention of it in the anti-age cosmetics or high medical cosmetics. If you want to surprise yourself, apply a droplet of the squalane of olive oil on the skin — and you will see that it will be absorbed instantly. Is it possible to imagine that a droplet of a substance can be absorbed into the skin with such speed? What is Squalane? Many believe that this is the same as squalene. This is not quite true. Squalane is a more stable compound, so this substance often used in cosmetics. To squalane sometimes referred as to a miracle, because it restores the skin very quickly, efficiently eliminates damages and inflammations, is a very powerful antioxidant — a substance that prolongs youthfulness of the skin and slowing the development of aging. It’s a miracle that squalane is able to deal even with the cancer cells, which has been proven by numerous experiments. Squalane also gives excellent protection against UV rays, preventing sunburns and skin photoaging. This is a great way to prevent the occurrence of age-related pigmentation; if you use natural cosmetics with squalane, age spots simply does not appear. Squalane has an antibacterial effect, due to which it perfectly helps with various skin inflammations, rashes, and so on. You can get a wonderful effect of this natural squalane (which is rare!), produced from olive oil, using White Mandarin organic cosmetics — the miracles are real!