Cetearyl Alcohol
Get ready to learn something unexpected: cetylstearyl alcohol has nothing to do with ethanol — it is produced from plants waxy substance that covers the skin with a thin protective film that helps to retain moisture. Cosmetic properties: Cetylstearyl alcohol is used to adjust the viscosity of creams, emulsions, and lotions, as well as a stabilizer in their composition; It is often used as a structurant and emollient; The alcohol used as primary surfactants in the compositions of solid deodorants and antiperspirants; Cetearyl alcohol deeply moisturizes the skin of any type, gives it softness and a healthy appearance; It is also used as an ingredient of cosmetics for problem skin care, is able to narrow the enlarged pores and has a certain disincentive effect; Forms a thin water-retaining film on the skin surface; Input of this component in the composition of cosmetic products promotes the penetration of nutrients contained in creams and masks deep in the epidermis; It binds and retains a plenty of water in creams and other cosmetics; Cetylstearyl alcohol is an important component of hair balsams, including healing ones, since this component improves the structure of the hair and at the same time makes easier the process of combing. Now that you know what cetylstearyl alcohol really is, its presence in the White Mandarin natural cosmetics will give you only positive emotions.