Chamomile Flower Water Цветочная
Certified chamomile Hydrolat is part of hypoallergenic "Baby Body Milk" from TM White Mandarin. Hydrolat obtained by steam distillation of flowers of Roman chamomile, grown in a natural environment without the use of pesticides, thus you will get at your disposal only beneficial properties of this plant. Roman Chamomile has powerful medicinal properties; it can help you cope with a variety of skin inflammations, burns (including sunburns), itching or hives. In wintertime, Chamomile water will have a soothing effect on dry, chapped skin, protect it and enhance regeneration. Chamomile water is suitable for any skin type, it skillfully handles complex tasks of cleansing, smoothing, removing the inflammation and irritation, stimulates the recovery process of cells and eliminates redness. Chamomile has the following properties: It is used for curing allergies and caused by them inflammations; Supports a healthy natural complexion, which is very valuable not only for baby but also for the skin of adults; It has antiseptic properties. Due to chamomile water in a formula of White Mandarin delicate natural "Baby Body Milk», this cosmetic product is perfect even for the most sensitive and demanding skin.