Grapes are not only delicious berries, the material for producing wine, raisins, supplement for cooking dolma, picklings, and other foods, but it is also a plant with medicinal properties. It is known since ancient times that grapes and its derivatives (extract, oil) are useful for the entire human body as a whole. The natural properties of this unique fruit can rightly be called priceless. Pay attention to the cosmetic use of grapes. All grape products are characterized by a high content of micro and macro elements, which are in easily digestible for our skin and hair form. Grapes are a source of the very strong antioxidant substance that can slow down the aging process. The effect of grape in White Mandarin natural cosmetics reinforced with natural ingredients that have a similar effect. As a result of their application you get cleaned, smooth and fresh skin, and elastic, strong and healthy shiny hair. Also, grape regulates sebum secretion, which is especially important for oily and combination skin types, as well as for oily hair. With each use, your result will be more improved and secured. You will not just get the external effect — cells of the skin and hair will receive a good nutrition and regenerate.