Hyper Thermal Water
Hyper Thermal Beregovo water is a gift from the depths of Earth. What is it like, and what are its properties? Clean — runs in the deep-lying aquifers, where fall chemicals do not get. Strong — is saturated with a large number of minerals. Gorgeous and giving special splendor — has a therapeutic effect, revitalizes and makes healthy even the most sensitive skin, eliminating the irritations and flaking. There are a lot of myths about thermal water, of which you've probably heard. Some say that the thermal water is a mineral water, others — that this is melt water. Both of these statements are incorrect. Mineral water and meltwater, without a doubt, have their own useful properties, but the thermal water Beregovo is a more expensive, high-quality and reliable remedy for the skin. You may ask, why? Because of the high temperature (50 degrees Celsius) and flowing at a great depth there is formed a large number of specific compounds of various trace elements and mineral salts (silicon, magnesium, iron, bromine, iodine, etc.), which have a unique effect on the skin due to optimal matching of their composition to the human body. The results of the application of natural cosmetics containing Beregovo high-temperature thermal water showed its high efficiency: Elimination of skin irritations, destruction of a large number of pathogenic microbes; Perfect hydration throughout the day, even for very dry and dehydrated skin; Normalization of metabolic processes in the skin; Contributing to maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. In White Mandarin natural cosmetics effect of thermal water is strengthened by the presence of naturally scented waters, oils, herbal extracts and natural ingredients, which make for water-retaining and moisturizing properties of thermal water, along with efficient recovery and rejuvenation of the skin.