Vitamin E
Tocopherol, which better known as the vitamin E, is one of the most useful vitamins for the skin. It promotes rapid regeneration and cell renewal, due to which it got called tocopherol, which translates as "contributing to the birth". Due its beneficial effect on the skin vitamin E is also called “the vitamin of youth and beauty”. It is widely used in cosmetology because of the ability to slow the oxidation of lipids in vegetable oils, which are included in the formula of creams and other cosmetics. Tocopherol has become an indispensable tool in the fight against aging due to the following qualities: Vitamin E is necessary for normal production of estrogen, the female hormone of beauty; It protects cells from the damaging effects of oxidation and free radicals; Reduces the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin; Slows down the process of malignant degeneration of tissues; Contributes to the absorption of vitamin A, which is responsible for the elasticity of the epithelium; Supports the water-lipid balance; Relieves irritation and eliminates peeling; Helps to get rid of spots, freckles, scars and stretch marks.
250 ml
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