Vitamin PP (B3)
Do you like to make the homemade cosmetics? Then it will be useful to know that the active form of vitamin B3 (Niacinamide, Vitamin PP) is dangerous to be used for the manufacture of cosmetic creams and lotions without the knowledge of the right methods and exact proportions. However, this substance is so popular that the experts of our company cannot leave it unattended. Niacinamide powerfully moisturizes the skin, and if you are looking for a remedy for the negative effects of sun exposure (photoaging of the skin), White Mandarin natural cosmetics with Niacinamide and others natural ingredients that enhance its effect is exactly what you need. Vitamin B3 stimulates the production of collagen and ceramide (a lipid compound that is responsible for the barrier function of the skin) so the skin better resists the influence of negative factors. Increased production of collagen improves skin elasticity, smooths wrinkles or reduces their depth. The skin rejuvenates; its appearance considerably improves. If you are worried about skin pigmentation, redness and skin imperfections, such as non-uniform structure, unaesthetic texture, we would like to recommend trying our natural products that contain Niacinamide. In addition, vitamin PP helps restore normal function of the sebaceous glands, thereby gradually normalizing oiliness of the skin. Natural, high-quality Niacinamide in the composition of White Mandarin cosmetics will help rejuvenate and renew the skin, gaining delightful appearance and health!