Lime Fruit Water
Would you like to make your skin shine? Want to get rid of age spots and freckles? Lime water in the composition of White Mandarin natural cosmetics for the face, body, and hands with regular use will help you achieve the desired results. You can get rid of age spots or freckles and lighten the skin. In addition, you get a charge of good mood, because the lime is famous for its ability to give a wonderful aroma sensation of morning freshness and vivacity, cheer up, enhance concentration and fill your body with energy. Lime in the composition of White Mandarin natural products for haircare gives you light fresh citrus aroma, normalizes sebum secretion, eliminating excessive oiliness of the hair, and gives you a feeling of freshness. Lime, like all citrus fruits, contains large amounts of vitamin C, which due to its powerful antioxidant effect, stops the aging process and helps the skin to get rid of toxins.