Avocado Oil
Long, thick and beautiful hair — is a dream that can become true! You can use the secret of Mexican tribe’s women, which do not require the services of hairdressers and makeup artists, because the crocodile pear (avocados) rejuvenated their skin and their hair, and gave them beautiful looks. Avocado oil is also called "beauty oil" because the content of vitamin E in it is even higher than in olive oil. We put it in a useful neighborhood with other rare and valuable components. For White Mandarin natural cosmetics we used avocado oil purchased in France and is «Ecocert» certified. It is a product of the highest quality and considerable value. White Mandarin cosmetics contain avocado oil in generous proportions, which ensures high quality and reliable effect. Contained in this oil sterol is a vegetable substance, which properties similar to sex hormones. Sterols help prevent premature skin aging, the formation of deep wrinkles and the appearance of age spots. Protection from sun damage, acne treatment, dry or oily skin normalizing, wrinkles smoothing and restoring of the blood circulation — avocado oil has many useful properties. How to make the skin began to produce its own collagen and become more elastic? The answer is to use White Mandarin cosmetics which include avocado oil among other natural components.