Babassu Oil
Babassu Oil is a very related to the skin component. Why? Lipid formula of the babassu oil is very similar to the lipid composition of our skin. That is why the babassu oil was chosen by our experts as a component of many White Mandarin cosmetics. If you are wondering what else you can do with your skin, so that it began to properly retain moisture, White Mandarin cosmetics with babassu oil is an effective solution to your problem. In collaboration with other active ingredients certified by "Organic" and "Ecocert", which mutually reinforces each other's effect, babassu oil nourishes the skin, strengthens its local immunity and helps retain moisture. You will enjoy the feeling of silkiness and softness of your skin after application of cosmetics with babassu oil. In addition, such cosmetics are quickly absorbed and leave no oily sheen. Your pores will breathe freely. Due to its great quality cosmetics with water-soluble babassu oil are ideal for the care of delicate baby skin.
250 ml
153.0 грн