Macadamia Seed Oil
Do you want to pamper your skin and hair with exquisite care? White Mandarin natural cosmetics with macadamia oil contribute to the maintenance of water balance — the skin becomes soft, elastic and smooth as a silk. Macadamia oil is instantly absorbed, it eliminates peeling, irritation and photodermatitis manifestations, and it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging agent. Macadamia is a miracle nut that can rightly be considered the king of walnut kingdom due to its usefulness, high-calorie, and high cost among other walnut family plants. High-quality macadamia oil (certified by «Ecocert») in White Mandarin cosmetics — it's a truly royal gift for your skin and hair. It helps to restore damaged areas of hair, removes dryness and brittleness, gives a shine, protects the hair from damage and makes them strong from root to tip. The presence in the oil a plurality of minerals (copper, zinc, potassium, selenium, vitamin E and PP) and B vitamins, in addition to fatty acids, makes it indispensable for strong moisture and nutrition overdried, rough skin.
250 ml
213.0 грн