Rice Bran Wax
Perhaps you’re dreaming of a safe, reliable natural remedy to protect your skin? Rice bran wax is a mysterious and wonderful treasure of East Asia; it can make your dreams come true. This wonderful wax is part of the "Protective Baby Cream", which gives your skin a powerful natural protection. By the way, a series of White Mandarin children's cosmetics is suitable not only for kids but, of course, and for adults with sensitive skin. If you still believe that there is no reliable protection for the skin, except goose fat or butter, then know that it is a lie! Of course, goose fat or Vaseline is much easier to find than a real, proven and certified rice bran wax. But because of the high quality, efficient effectivity and absolute safety, it was selected by White Mandarin cosmetics expert developers as one of the main components of the "Protective Baby Cream". Furthermore, unlike the aforementioned outdated means, natural waxes do not contribute to clogged pores, leading to the formation of acne, and do not saturate skin with fat-skin remains clear and breathes freely. In addition to strong moisturizing and regenerating properties, rice bran wax has antioxidant effects: protects the skin against free radicals, slowing down the process of aging.